Is there any upfront fee to be paid along with the application form for cash now?
No, not at all. You need not pay any fee for the application process. We at, Cash Now offer our online application free of cost.

Do you accept application during weekends? I can manage to get some free time only on weekends?
Yes, you can get in touch with us during weekends. We are available to you online 24/7.

My credit records are not so appreciative. Will there be any hassle in the approval of my application to avail cash now?
We at, Cash Now never insist on a prior credit check to approve your application. But at times, our lenders may ask for your previous credit history. No worries! Our expert professionals negotiate with our lenders and try their best to get the loan sanctioned despite your unhealthy credit score. But, it is noteworthy that loan approval depends on your current financial stability.

How much cash can I get through your intervention with the lenders?
The lenders alone have the privilege to decide the loan amount depending on your necessity and your repaying ability.

What is the repayment options offered if I avail the loan now?
The repayment module is determined by the lenders on your requirement and your source of income to repay the borrowed amount.

Are there any guidelines to be followed while I start utilizing the loan amount?
No restrictions are forced on you after you receive the cash. You can spend it for any of your requirement as per your desire. Neither our lenders nor do we interfere in this issue.

APR Example
You Borrow —$300
You Pay —$372
Representative APR 1223.6% (Variable)